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Matt Rosoff of CNET has posted an early review of the Zune HD

After a few hours on Tuesday of playing with the Zune HD that Microsoft sent me, I found a lot of things I like about it–the slim size, the Quickplay user interface feature that gives you immediate access to recently added and favorite songs, the big on-screen volume controls, and the Zune Pass, for example. But the Web browser seems like an afterthought.

Zune HD

So unlike most people (apparently), I liked the placement of the tabs at the top of the Safari browser. I enjoy having 28 extra pixels of screen height and felt Apple got this one right. I understand if some people don’t want to change, but to me, this is exactly the type of user experience and refinement that defines why Apple has been able to “Think Different” for decades.

The thing that needs a UI change is bringing back the progress bar. How can anyone tell how much of a page has loaded with a spinning wheel? This seems like a vital portion of web browsing. Adding the word “Loading” on a blue background still doesn’t tell me how much longer I have to wait until my page has completely loaded.

I wasn’t excited about the “Top Sites” feature, but surprisingly, I use it daily. It’s quicker than browsing through bookmarks.

The other features are trivial in my browsing experience.

I’ve yet to upgrade from Safari Beta because I don’t want to lose my top tabs. Maybe if enough of us blog, Apple will at least give us a preference setting to choose top tabs.