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All the World’s a Stage

Ever wanted to learn to play “Tom Sawyer” or “Limelight” on the guitar? Ever dreamed of being Alex Lifeson on stage ripping out hit after hit? Well you’ll most likely never make it on stage but at least now you can play exactly like Alex. Garageband ’09 has added new lessons for both songs from one of Rush’s greatest albums, Moving Pictures.

You can buy both new lessons in Garageband ’09 for $5 each


Upgrading to Mac OS X Snow Leopard was simple easy and quick

Everything went smoothly, all of my apps worked great. Loved the subtle interface changes, loved how quick everything loads. I really like the sharing features in itunes 9 and the new quicktime interface is great.
All was well on my MacBook Pro until I got to work and tried to mount my dev platform using MacFusion.

MacFusion now refuses to complete a connection to a remote server.

With the help of a post I found at Racker Hacker,
you can fix this in two steps:

First, quit MacFusion.

Second, open System Preferences and then open the MacFUSE pane. Check the “Show Beta Versions” box and click “Check For Updates”. Go ahead and update MacFUSE.

Third, open up a terminal and do the following:

rm /Applications/

Your MacFusion installation should now be working on Snow Leopard. My SSH and FTP seem to work fine now.

Thanks Racker Hacker

The Wall Street Journal
by Walter S. Mossberg

Apple’s iTunes program is one of the most popular software products in the world. The company says hundreds of millions of copies of iTunes have been downloaded, far exceeding the 220 million iPod music players it has sold. That’s because many people use iTunes to organize, play and buy music and videos on their computers, or to burn music CDs, even if they don’t own iPods or iPhones. Ironically, the vast majority of iTunes copies are on Windows PCs, not Apple’s own Macintosh computers, because Windows machines are much more numerous.


Music workstation suite adds flexible audio, improved editing and live performance, simulated amps and effects

by Peter Kirn,

Digital music workstation software can include an encyclopedic array of functionality. But when it comes to using these tools creatively in music making, a few details and the way they fit together can make a huge difference.

Flex Time and editing improvements make manipulating recorded audio more satisfying; MainStage 2 is a more complete live performance solution; lots of amp and effects goodies; many subtle usability tweaks.

MainStage’s looper can’t set a tempo from a first loop; Some tasks require switching between Flex Time Markers and Transient Markers; MIDI editing and some add-ons due for a refresh.

Prince McLean, AppleInsider

The new iTunes 9 offers special “iTunes Extras” as free downloads with the purchase of “iTunes LP” albums or movies. The new free bonus content is delivered as a self-contained website of bonus materials, making it easy to author.

Apple rivals DVD with new iTunes Extras for movies and albums

Comparing Microsoft and Apple Websites’ Usability

‘In the article entitled Apple vs. Microsoft — A Website Usability Study, Dmitry Fadeyev, co-founder of Pixelshell, compares Apple’s and Microsoft’s web sites from a usability perspective, and Apple is the winner. Scott Barnes, PM at Microsoft, agrees with him and suggests the problem is because various site sub-domains have different management.’

Lollapalooza: Prepare for the show with iPhone apps

For anyone trying to navigate Lollapalooza 2009, one of the biggest music festivals in the U.S, running August 7-9 in Grant Park, Chicago, Jim Dalrymple ( reports that there are several iPhone apps for that. Read more…

So unlike most people (apparently), I liked the placement of the tabs at the top of the Safari browser. I enjoy having 28 extra pixels of screen height and felt Apple got this one right. I understand if some people don’t want to change, but to me, this is exactly the type of user experience and refinement that defines why Apple has been able to “Think Different” for decades.

The thing that needs a UI change is bringing back the progress bar. How can anyone tell how much of a page has loaded with a spinning wheel? This seems like a vital portion of web browsing. Adding the word “Loading” on a blue background still doesn’t tell me how much longer I have to wait until my page has completely loaded.

I wasn’t excited about the “Top Sites” feature, but surprisingly, I use it daily. It’s quicker than browsing through bookmarks.

The other features are trivial in my browsing experience.

I’ve yet to upgrade from Safari Beta because I don’t want to lose my top tabs. Maybe if enough of us blog, Apple will at least give us a preference setting to choose top tabs.

Not everyone knows the Apple shortcut icons

I had someone ask me the meaning of a shortcut icon today, so I figured I’d post them.






Maybe someone that has recently switched to a Mac will find this helpful.