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When to show inline validation

A List ApartI’ve recently been reviewing usability of web forms and came across this article on A list Apart. Inline Validation in Web Forms

The wonderful thing about this article is they show eye tracking results and web form efficiency using different types of inline validation (After, While and Before). They actually time how long it takes users to fill out the same for using different methods of validation. We’ve actually had this exact argument in the office trying to decide which method was best.

Thank you for settling an ongoing dispute LukeW and everyone at A List Apart


New Landing Page in the Works

Goals: We want a place where new users and current users can see an overview of all DAZ 3D products. The elements we would like to highlight are:
1) Free Content and Software
2) Our Software Suite
3) Our Unimesh Characters
4) The Platinum Club
5) New Releases
6) Galleries/Art
7) Tutorials

Affiliate Landing Page

We recently updated the DAZ 3D affiliate program from a homegrown custom program to Commission Junction. Our custom built application was based around new users signups and was originally designed to payout on multiple levels. It was too complicated for customers to understand, so we simplified it. However, most affiliates complained about it, because we payed 20% of all transactions of a new user for 3 months.

With Commission Junction, we opted for a more traditional program that pays 5% on all transactions when a user clicks on an affiliate banner. Have a Look.

PC Info Page
Commission Junction

DAZ 3D recently realized that a significant portion of Platinum Club members are not renewing their memberships because the process is too difficult or they are completely unaware their membership needs to be renewed.

Our goal is to notify customers without being too bold in our messaging. We want to let every customer know how long they have left on their membership and when there is a problem with their payment method.

Even though we are in the middle of a redesign, we needed roll this feature quickly. We added a notification link to the header that looks like this.


There are several states to the notification:

  • Join the Platinum Club
  • PC Member through MM/DD/YYYY
  • Your Annual Membership Expires Soon
  • Your Monthly Membership Expires Soon
  • You have Received a Membership Extension
  • You are a Published Artist and Receive a Limited Membership
  • There is an Error with Your Subscription
  • Your Membership has Expired. You can renew until MM/DD/YYYY
PC Notification
PC Membership notification in the site header
Expired Notification
Expired Membership notification in the site header

Subscription Management Page

Currently the way to update a PC membership is quite dated. Below is an example of the existing page.

PC Info Page
An out-of-date admin page we are replacing

Here is the example I sent to Josh to code up. The goal is to provide one area to completely manage a Platinum Club membership. The comp includes a model for updating and adding PC payment methods as well a model cart to manually add an additional month or year to a Platinum Club membership.

PC Info Page
Comp of the new tool

Completed Pages

Here is the version of the tool we came up with.

PC Info Page
Screenshot 1
PC Info Page
Screenshot 2
PC Info Page
Screenshot 3
PC Info Page
Screenshot 4
PC Info Page
Screenshot 5
PC Info Page
Screenshot 6
PC Info Page
Screenshot 7

Here’s what I think the pricing should be for your little “renew for 1 yr / 6 months / 3 months / 1 month” platinum club renewal applet:

1 Mth = $7.95
3 Mth = $22.95
6 Mth = $39.95
12 Mth = $69.95