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Using SlideShow Pro and ExpressionEngine


We recently completed this photography web site ( Sydney (our client) had a site that was built completely in Flash. She was unable to update the site without contacting a web guy. This was frustrating and expensive for her and caused her to not update the images on her site often.

She requested a simple clean look and the ability to update everything on the site dynamically. She also didn’t have a giant budget.

We decided on SlideShow Pro and SlideShow Pro Director to provide a simple upload process, an easy way to edit slideshows, image orders, thumbnails and the overall presentation of her photography.

Secondly we chose ExpressionEngine as a way to edit the site copy, quotes, navigation, and a few homepage links.

Scott and I were pleasantly surprised at the timeline we were able to hold as we developed the site and how easily these two tools integrated to fulfill our particular needs. Our biggest difficulties came trying to install ExpressionEngine on Godaddy where our client hosts her site. We worked through the issues but lost some sleep reading through forum posts from others installing on Godaddy.

Overall, we’re happy with the project and and the experience we gained.


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