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Talking is a New Thing for Me

Welcome to the Blue Alta Media blog. Here I, along with my business partner Scott, will attempt to explain the struggles, thought processes, frustrations, breakthroughs, successes and complaints of daily web experiences. I’m not out to change the world, but maybe re-invent my portion of it a little.

When it comes to code, design, QA, roll process and all the clutter that makes up the world of web development, I struggle daily to find simplicity. Naively, I assume that simplicity in my workflow will translate into quality of my products and overall satisfaction in the limited hours that make up my existence.

I’m like any designer/developer. I can’t sleep mid-project. I always wonder if there is a better way. I struggle to find the middle ground between meeting the deadline, and hoping for perfection with every keystroke. I work WAY too much. My mind won’t stop.

Unlike many programming geniuses, my passion for my work, isn’t my long-term passion. I don’t dream in “C” (shoot me please if I ever do). It doesn’t take much of an argument to get me out of the office and driving up a canyon road with the top down on my beloved SAAB convertible. I could walk away from code all together, if my alternative was a CABO beach house with my 2 kids and cute little wife. The adrenaline of a midnight ride on my longboard down Alta Canyon helps me concentrate on things that are important. A Powder Mountain season pass is the light at the end of the tunnel. I could go on and on about my interests outside of web development, but I’m sure you’ll hear plenty of that in future posts.

This blog is about the things the make me click, and the decisions I make that have real financial impact on my company, clients, employees and friends. Hopefully, some of the things I say will make sense, and when they don’t, your comments will set me straight.

-Jeff Cemer


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